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Fans welcomed the release in 2016 of the latest album by The Dead C.

Michael Morley is one third of the band The Dead C which has a small but dedicated international following. Ethan Covey, of Dusted magazine, reports:

"Yet, for those who care, The Dead C - Michael Morley, Bruce Russell and Robbie Yeats - serve as patron saints of freeform rock, a band enamored more of amp hiss than melody and an improvisational powerhouse capable of producing uncannily transformative sound. For many, the band has been  a springboard from which to leap into the beautiful chaos of improv, avant-garde composition and post-rock destruction far removed from the sterility and precision of "post-rock"."

The 2016 album Trouble was produced by Ba Da Bing! Records, in Brooklyn, United States of America. Ba Da Bing's Ben Goldberg explains the attraction of The Dead C's music: "Like every time I hear their recordings I'm reminded that they are one of the greatest rock bands to ever pick up a guitar and attempt to play it wrong. Listening to The Dead C causes me to think differently. It brings up emotions with which I'm otherwise un-familiar. It strikes to the essence of my being and reveals what otherwise remains hidden. I take solace in knowing that one out of every thirty of you reading this know exactly what I'm talking about".

The release of the latest album coincided with a short tour in September, with the band playing in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Louisville, and Los Angeles in the United States. "The mighty New Zealanders continue to enrich my life" says Gavin Hellyer in a post on Ba Da Bing! Records website. For another listener, posting on, the new album "evoked nothing so much as a sense of exhilarated gratitude for The Dead C's epic career".



November 2016