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Hayden Croft has developed a rugby headgear camera which is being used by the Otago rugby team.

Hayden is aware that analysis of video for sport is massive in Europe, and that gives teams an advantage in terms of the quality of feedback which coaches can provide to players. He came up with the concept of installing a camera on headgear for rugby players to use on the field, to capitalise on that potential here. 

Hayden worked with Tussock Innovations to develop his concept into specially designed headgear with a built-in camera. The headgear is now being used by the Otago Rugby Football Union in training. Developers also have a unit touring the northern hemisphere.

Players wear the headgear during training, for example during decision-making drills or skills. They can come over to the screen on the sideline to watch a replay of the action, and talk over with their coach why they made the decisions they did. The goal is to improve decision-making in the course of play.




November 2016