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Departments: College of Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences


Matt started his building career in 1990. He enrolled in the pre-trade carpentry course; the same course he currently teaches. After Matt completed an apprenticeship, he worked in Dunedin as a builder before going overseas. He later returned to Dunedin and began teaching Carpentry at Otago Polytechnic in 2004. Matt is now a Principal Lecturer and is passionate about the building industry and getting people ready to work in it.

Conference Contribution - Other

Mann, S., Allen, E., Ker, G., Byars, R., Thompson, M., Jenkins, H (2014) Mobile devices to increase student engagement in constructivist tertiary vocational education during #NPF14LMD ASCILITE Conference, Dunedin, November. http://ascilite2014.otago.ac.nz/posters/

Journal Article

Burgess, G. & Thompson, M. (2011) The use of ePortfolios for student assessments on the Carpentary programme at Otago Polytechnic. Scope: Contemporary Research Topics, Learning and Teaching, November 2011.

Creative Work

Currie, I., Thompson, M., Burgess, G., Ballard, P., Dalziell, D., Humphries, F., Feathers, D., Waddell, M., Rickerby, B., Paul, T., Russell, J.,Puricelli, J., Callau, M., Holmes,P., Ting, S., & Adcroft, J. (2009) (2010) Sustainable House Design (Team Dunedin). Shac 09, Sustainable Habitat Challenge. http://www.shac.org.nz/group/teamdunedin

Thompson, M., Tucker, D.,, Dalziell, D., Plain, T. & Ekanayaka, S. (Team Dunedin). (2009) Sustainable House Design, Shac '09 Challenge, Shac '09 Symposium, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin. Commended for collaboration and communication. http://www.shac.org.nz

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