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Research from Chris Fersterer

Departments: College of Art, Design and Architecture

Chris is a senior lecturer working with Interior and product design and has a big passion for micro-architecture. His current research explores what can be achieved in relatively small spaces; the ways in which we can live with a smaller footprint, using design to deliver more for less. Chris enjoyed the challenge of integrating these values into the curriculum and has developed a prototype called BatchBOX which he has set up on his property to test other sustainable systems.

Conference Contribution - Published Paper

Finnie, D., Fersterer, C., Qi, Z., Terpstra, C. (2014) A student project development for multidisciplinary programs at Otago Polytechnic. 2014 Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE2014), Wellington, New Zealand.

Fersterer, C. (2011) Phenomenology and Function. International Art Symposium, Faculty of Art and Design, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey, 17-21st October.

Fersterer, C. (2011) The Role of Place Attachment in Fostering Sustainability Ethics: A New Zealand Perspective. The Tao of Sustainability, An international Conference on Sustainable Design Strategies in a Global Context. 27th - 29th October 2011.
Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, China & School of Art and Design , Aalto University, Finland.
Proceedings pages 475 - 480.

Creative Work

Fersterer, C. (2013) 6 Slip cast cups. MacAndrew Bay School, Peninsula Art & Craft Auction.

Fersterer, C. (2013) Imprint Press Micro. Developed design intaglio press mk2.

Fersterer C. (2011) Imprint - artists' intaglio press. Rocda Gallery.

Fersterer, C. (2009) Paper Boat Exhibition. Fundraising exhibition, Caithness Horizons, Caithness, Scotland. September. This was a light-hearted international exhibition that invited people from around the world to contribute to a paper boat exhibition. My boat used images from my shipping container dwelling as inspiration.

Fersterer, C. (2007) Ceramic Whistles. Invited to present work for this group exhibition, Lyrical Notations, Salisbury Gallery, Dunedin. 6 - 23 May, 6 ceramic forms. The works presented in this exhibition were a selection of burnished & raku-fired ceramic okorina. Inclusion into this exhibition was through director invitation only.

Fersterer, C. (2007) Batchbox and Slip Cast Tea Pots. Re-MIX, group exhibition, Salisbury House Gallery, Dunedin. 28 Sept - 11 October, 5 pieces. This exhibition was initiated and primarily organised by me and was intended to showcase the work being done by Otago Polytechnic product design students and lecturers. I included two different works. The ceramic work were 4 slipcast teapots that I developed to introduce alternative casting methods and materials into the product-design program. Secondly BatchBOX, a design concept model and poster, is a shipping container dwelling that was later developed as a paper for conference presentation in Spokane, Washington State, USA.

Fersterer, C & Taylor, L. (2006) Datum.
Morgan Street Gallery. http://www.morganstgallery.co.nz/Pages/GallerySculptures/Lynn_Taylor/Datum.htm

Fersterer, C., Gilchrist, J., Kudo, F., & O'Connor, M. (2006) 'Treefrog', in Sample 2006 Exhibition of Student Work. Design Studies, University of Otago, Dunedin. 1 design object in group exhibition. Low-impact, loose-fit nature structures. This group design concept explored how structures for camping in wilderness environments might be reconsidered to enhance nature experiences. The project was a result of postgraduate study and was included in the selected "Sample" exhibition. Mick Abbott, the lecturer overseeing this program, also included this example as a favourable citation in his doctoral thesis.

Fersterer, C., Kudo, F., & Davidson, H. (2006) 'Simple Machines' in Sample 2006 Exhibition of Student Work. Design Studies, University of Otago, Dunedin. 1 design object in group exhibition. Strategic design plan redesigning computer access for ageing populations.

Fersterer, C. (2006) 'Stormy Harbour' in Otaru/Dunedin/Nakhodka Cities. Otaru Canal Plaza, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan. 21 - 29 October. 1 photograph in group exhibition.

Conference Contribution - Other

Fersterer, C. (2010) Vista. IFW2010 - 2° International Conference INTERIOR WOR[l]DS Politecnico di Milano, P.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32 20133-Milano ITALY.
http://www.interiorsforumworld.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/prog-conference.pdf 5-6 October.
A1 presentation poster. Poster exhibits published by conference. www.interiorsforumworld.net

Fersterer, C. (2008) BatchBOX - A Platform for cultural regeneration.
Interdisciplinary Design Institute of Washington State University, U.S.A. 10- 11 January. 30-minute presentation. Blind peer review - abstract submission. This oral presentation unpacked the design concept BatchBOX as a means to explore and examine discourses regarding issues of identity and the changing cultural and physical landscapes, focusing on the New Zealand family holiday home. The BatchBOX references a rural vernacular aesthetic while exploring contemporary construction solutions that address issues of sustainability and integration with the environment.

Research and Expertise