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Research is key to Otago Polytechnic’s role as a tertiary education provider. A strong research culture means better education for students and a great overall benefit to the wider community. Our teaching and learning activities are underpinned by research, which means all teaching practitioners are current in their field of expertise and in their teaching practice.

This not only develops the capability of our staff, but of our students and graduates. We are drawing on our institutional strengths and core capabilities to engage with collaborators, with the professions, with industry and our communities, and we apply our expertise to help solve challenges. 


Research from Jodyanne (Jo) Kirkwood


Qualifications (Phd Otago, M.Com Otago, B.Com (hons) Otago).Jo is a facilitator at Otago Polytechnic and programme leader of the Doctor of Professional Practice programme. Dr Jo Kirkwood has been working in higher education in New Zealand for the past 18 years. She is experienced in teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has particular interests and expertise in facilitation, academic mentoring and assessment at the Masters and Doctoral levels. Jo has supervised approximately 100 masters and doctoral students in their various projects and theses. In her early career, Jo worked as a Policy Advisor at the Ministry of Commerce (now MBIE) where she was involved as auction manager for the worlds first internet auction of radio spectrum. Jo graduated with her PhD from the University of Otago in 2004. Her thesis was focused on gender differences in motivations for entrepreneurship. Jos present research interests are around women entrepreneursmumpreneurs, Tall Poppy Syndrome and its impact on entrepreneurs and sustainable entrepreneursecopreneurs. Jos work is widely published in academic journals and textbooks, and practitioner publications such as NZ Business and NZ Entrepreneur.

Journal Article

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Conference Contribution - Other

Kirkwood, J., & Viitanen, T. (2015) Stop knocking entrepreneurs: How to mitigate the effects of tall poppy syndrome on entrepreneurs. Proceedings of the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Research Exchange Conference. (pp. 20). Retrieved from http://acereconference.com/past-conferences/2015-program/.

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Conference Contribution - Published Paper

Kirkwood, J., Dwyer, K., & Walton, S. (2015) Ecopreneur Typologies: An ecopreneurs experience of changing approach following a natural disaster In B. Kotey (Ed.), Proceedings of the 27th Small Enterprise Association of Australia & New Zealand (SEAANZ) Annual Conference. Retrieved from http://seaanz.org/content/27th-annual-seaanz-conference-2014-1.

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Kirkwood, J., Dwyer, K., Gray, B., & O'Neill, D. (2013) To go ahead or not? An ethical dilemma in business start-up. Proceedings of the 27th United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USABE) Annual Conference: What's new, what works: In the classroom and on the street. http://www.usasbe.org/?page=conference2013 (session number 31310)

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