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Research from Machiko Niimi

Departments: College of Art, Design and Architecture

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Machiko is a Senior Lecturer and the Academic Leader for Product Design and postgraduate studies. Machiko has a Master of Design from the University of Otago and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychology which she has found useful for informing her design practice. Prior to joining the Design School staff, she was Co-Director of Ooid Design. Sustainability and product design have been a recurring theme of Machiko's design career. She uses human-centred design strategies, design-thinking and design for sustainable behaviour. Her teaching and supervision emphasises partnerships with communities and local organisations.

Conference Contribution - Other

O'Brien, G. and Niimi, M. (2016) Unpicking Toothpicks. Presentation at the International Food and Design Conference, Otago POlytechnic, Dunedin.

Niimi, M. (2015) Industrial Art. Art and Design Symposium, Dunedin School of Art, 16 - 17 October.

Thesis – Masters/Doctoral

Niimi, M. (2013) Design for Sustainability, Addressing Food Waste Behaviour. Masters Thesis available at the Universtity of Otago Central Library.

Creative Work

Niimi,M.,Vanderburg, E., McEwen, K. (Ooid Ltd) (2009) Branding, graphic design work, store interior design. Port Chalmers Design Store, Port Chalmers, Otago.

Research and Expertise