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Work with our students


Our students contribute insight and knowledge that benefit our industry and community partners. Industry and community organisations have a range of options for working with our students.


Benefits for industry / community partners

  • Students bring fresh ideas, creativity and up-to-date knowledge
  • Students are enthusiastic, motivated and inspiring
  • Opportunity to address a specific need or problem
  • No cost involved for students’ hours spent as part of their course – anything further is by negotiation
  • Satisfaction of contributing to development of talented young people
  • Opportunity to help ensure graduates have the skills and experience industry needs
  • Opportunity to get to know students, potentially reducing cost and risk of recruitment
  • Invitation to attend presentations and exhibitions of student work

Benefits for students

We value partnerships with industry and community to help us provide students with valuable real world learning opportunities. Students need to be provided with work opportunities that are both suitable for their capabilities at the relevant level of study, and reasonable to expect of them in the time they have available. The work must provide a constructive learning opportunity for the students, so it is a win/win for the organisation and the students. The details of the work to be done will be scoped with an organisation and recorded in a three-way agreement.


If an organisation wishes to further explore any of these options and to partner with us, either for the first time or in a new way, please get in touch by emailing the research office.


Permanent External Advisory Committee 

Another way to support our students' learning and help ensure our graduates are ready for employment, is to become an industry member of one of our Permanent External Advisory Committees.












transformation = thinking critically = working constructively