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General principles

What an organisation can expect from students
  • to apply skills they have acquired already through classroom exercises, workshops, case studies, scenarios and simulations
  • to spend a minimum number of hours
  • to perform to a standard relative to their level of study
  • to be available for an agreed period
  • to be respectful, culturally safe, and attentive
  • to comply with Otago Polytechnic policies including ethics
  • to be kept informed of progress
What we expect of an organisation
  • to be interested in our students’ development
  • to provide students with the information they need to do their work
  • to identify any information that is confidential
  • to be reasonably available to meet with students
  • to provide feedback to students in a constructive manner
  • to complete a report at completion of the project
  • to raise any concerns with the students' supervisor in a timely way
  • to meet health and safety obligations when students are on your premises
What an organisation can expect of Otago Polytechnic
  • to provide students and industry/community partners with relevant additional information specific to a programme or course
  • to work with an organisation and the student/s to scope the work for the students’ skill level and time available and for the organisation’s needs
  • to document the arrangements between the student, the organisation and Otago Polytechnic
  • to be clear about who will bear which costs (if any)
  • to match students for a good fit with an organisation
  • to group students, where applicable, with complementary strengths
  • to monitor students’ progress
  • to address any concerns in a timely way
  • The privacy of the personal information of an organisation’s patients or clients will be respected by Otago Polytechnic and our students.
  • An organisation’s confidential information will not be used or disclosed by students or by Otago Polytechnic except as required to complete internal course-related documentation.
  • Student work may be promoted publicly by Otago Polytechnic and by the students.
  • Neither the students nor Otago Polytechnic have any liability for an organisation’s use of the students’ work.
  • Neither the students nor Otago Polytechnic give any guarantee that the work produced by the students will be able to be used by the organisation without additional work and/or costs of implementation.
Intellectual Property
  • Students own the intellectual property they create (for example designs, software) unless otherwise negotiated.
  • An organisation has the right to use the students’ work (non-exclusive licence).