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Overview of options

This is an overview of the many different ways that industry and community partners can work with our students during their learning to benefit themselves and the students. This overview is subject to the particular requirements for a particular programme and course.




Work Experience


Fieldwork, placement, studio, integrated practice

Clinical Placement

Applied Research Project
Capstone, studio, community project

What students do

Observe and learn to be work-ready

Structured learning on the job

Apply knowledge and skills in work role

Mandatory clinical experience, required for registration

Apply knowledge and skills to solve a real world need or problem

What industry/ community partner does

Provide and supervise work

Provide and supervise work

Provide and supervise work

Provide work and clinical supervision

Identify a need or problem for students to solve


Usually at partner site

At partner site

At partner site

At partner site

At Otago Polytechnic, may include site visits

Subject areas


Carpentry, Automotive, Electrical Technology

Sport & Adventure, Art, Social Services, Design, Applied Management, Mental Health, Vet Nursing, Midwifery, Disability, Career Practice, Engineering, Construction, Living Sciences, Central Otago programmes

Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Counselling

Computing & IT, Nursing, Applied Management, Occupational Therapy, Design, Engineering, Construction, Living Sciences, Sport, Central Otago programmes


With the exception of apprenticeships, students’ time is usually unpaid because they are engaged in learning as part of their course of study. 

You can also support our students’ learning through participation in one of our Permanent External Advisory Committees. Read more here.