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Strategic marketing advice

Student Arindam Sarma provided a clean and straightforward marketing strategy for Little Rock Preschool.

As a project for Arin's Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management, he worked with the Little Rock Preschool in the Brighton community. The Preschool had a specific need to increase the number of preschoolers attending while retaining existing customer families.

Arin interviewed the owners and management, surveyed customers, and considered the competition, in order to identify the target market and the Preschool's position within that market. From his analysis of this information, he identified two specific strategies that will enable the Preschool to strengthen its place in the local community.

Committee member Matt King says that Arin's approach was informed and directly addressed their specific need. Arin applied the theory to come up with a recommended solution that in hindsight appeared obvious because it was such a good fit with the Preschool's business model. Matt is very pleased with the results.

December 2016

Image credit: Little Rock Preschool, used with permission