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NZQA English Language requirements

All students (international and domestic) for whom English is not a first language must either:

  • demonstrate the specific IELTS requirement for the programme you wish to enter, or 
  • provide acceptable evidence of English language proficiency. 

If you do not know what IELTS score you need to meet to enter your chosen programme, either check the online programme information page on our website for your programme of choice or contact us.

  • If you are an international student, please email international@op.ac.nz or call +64 3 477 3014 (from overseas).  
  • If you are a domestic student, please email studentadmin@op.ac.nz or call 0800 762 786 (from within New Zealand). 


Additional information 


  List of internationally-recognised English proficiency tests

CAE (http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams/advanced/)
The examination of Cambridge English Language Assessment called Cambridge English: Advanced, also known as the Certificate in Advanced English. 

CPE (http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams/proficiency/)
The examination of Cambridge English Language Assessment called Cambridge English: Proficiency, also known as the Certificate of Proficiency in English.

FCE or FCE for Schools (http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams/first/)
The examination of Cambridge English Language Assessment called Cambridge English: First, also known as the First Certificate in English. 

IESOL (http://www.cityandguildsenglish.com/)
Internal English for Speakers of Other Languages qualifications by City & Guilds. 

IELTS (http://www.ielts.org )
The International English Language Testing System, jointly owned by the British Council, IDP Education Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment.  

LanguageCert (www.languagecert.org)
A set of English Language qualifications owned by PeopleCert Qualifications Limited, member of the PeopleCert Group.  

Listening, reading, writing and speaking. 

The New Zealand Certificates in English Language listed on the NZQF (NZQA being the qualification developer). 

OET (https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/)
The Occupational English Test of Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment. 

PToE (http://www.pearsonpte.com/Pages/Home.aspx)
The Pearson Test of English (Academic). 

TOEFL (http://www.ets.org/toefl)
The Test of English as a Foreign Language of the Educational Testing Service, whose headquarters are in Princeton, United States. 

In relation to TOEFL is the Test of Written English.


  Table of internationally-recognised English proficiency outcomes for international students

For the most up-to-date version of the table, visit the NZQA website


  Otago Polytechnic English Language Policy

You can find our English Language Policy here.