Bachelor of Applied Management

This programme will focus your learning around industry experience. During your third year you will complete an internship which will place you within a real business where you’ll complete a research project as part of your time with the organisation.

About the programme

Gain a business degree based in real-world knowledge. As organisations are constantly changing, real-life learning is more relevant than ever.

This programme has industry experiences at its centre with case studies and workplace-based or focused assignments. The practical learning doesn’t stop there as you’ll also complete an internship during your third year. This internship will place you within a real-world business where you’ll need to complete a research project as part of your time with the organisation. 

Through this hands-on learning experience, you’ll develop the understanding and skills to work in a range of management environments at operational and strategic levels – not to mention the great industry and business connections you’ll also make!

You can either create a personalised degree by choosing from a range of elective options or choose to fully-focus on an area that interests you most such as Human Resources, Event Management, or Sales and Marketing. New elective papers include Contemporary Communication, and Design Thinking.

Apply now and become a work-ready and future-ready business professional ready to take on the world!

Studying part-time 

We know that full-time study isn't always possible. We offer part-time study options - talk to us about what would suit you best.

Want your existing skills recognised?

If you have work experience and skills in this area, you may be able to complete an independent learning pathway to achieve this qualification in a shorter timeframe.

We currently offer a 10 month full-time / 18-20 month part-time work-based learning option through our assessment of prior learning centre, Capable NZ. 

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Dunedin-based programme 

This programme is for domestic or international students. It's all about practical learning so you can really understand the world of business and hit the ground running when you graduate. During your degree, you’ll do case studies, workplace-based or focused assignments, and an internship where you’ll complete a large research project into a real-world organisation. 

When the world allows it again, you’ll also have the opportunity to study for one or two semesters at one of our partner universities overseas (including in the USA, Germany and Hong Kong). 

Focus in an area that interests you!

The great thing about this degree is that you can choose to focus on an area that interests you (or develop a study pathway with the Programme Leader). We offer the below specialty areas (although not all are available every year):


This qualification has Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) accreditation and is ideal if you want to embark on a career in accounting as a Chartered Accountant or Associated Chartered Accountant. If you want to study this focus area, you’ll need to apply for our Bachelor of Applied Management (Accounting) qualification. 

Read about our Bachelor of Applied Management (Accounting) here

Event Management

This fast-paced industry requires vibrant, organised and dedicated people and there is a growing demand for qualified event management practitioners both here and overseas. Careers exist in event planning and management, conference management, sponsorship and fundraising, and the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Human Resource Management

With a strong applied human resources focus, this programme is ideal if you wish to specialise and find start an HR career. This practical approach is coupled with exploration of human resource practices and issues (both current and future-focused), applicable to a wide range of roles and organisations.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing and selling products and services in today's competitive business environment requires a sophisticated and unique skill set. A sales and marketing degree specialisation allows you to acquire the expertise to work in a variety of career fields such as sales, advertising, marketing, promotions and public relations.

Strategic Management

Ideal if you wish to develop a portable set of management experiences applicable to a wide range of industries, this major has an applied approach focusing on the strategic nature of business management.

Tourism Management

Developed to meet the current needs of the tourism industry locally, nationally and internationally, you will be equipped with the skills to work at a supervisory or management level, or to operate your own business. 

What will the three years look like? 

During your first year, you’ll complete core courses/papers about business fundamentals. During your second and third year, you can choose to focus on an area of interest or create a personalised degree from a range of elective options. Your internship will happen during your third year. 

First year

Second year

Third year

Complete all core papers

(all 15 credits)

  • Business Functions 
  • Business Environment 
  • Organisations in an Aotearoa New Zealand Context
  • Change and Innovation 

Then complete:

All Leadership & Management papers 

(all 15 credits)

  • Business Planning 
  • Organisational Management and Compliance 
  • Introduction to Leadership 
  • Managing Projects


All Accounting papers 

(all 15 credits)

  • Analysis of Financial Information
  • Budgets for Planning and Control
  • Applied Accounting
  • Introduction to Accounting and Taxation
  • Improving Organisational Performance (compulsory)

  • 6 x electives from the electives list below (please note that not all electives are available every year)


  • Organisational Research Design (compulsory)

  • Internship Project (compulsory)

  • 4 x electives from the electives list below - 2 of these have to be at Level 7 (please note that not all electives are available every year)



Level 6 Level 7
  • Design Thinking*
  • Contemporary Communication*
  • Contemporary Iwi Māori Organisations  
  • Tourism Industry and Enterprises
  • Accommodation Services Management
  • Sustainable Tourism Practices
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Employment Relations
  • Leadership in Action
  • Event Logistics
  • Strategic Planning for Small Business
  • Information for Managerial Use
  • Managerial Decision Processes
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Market Development and Sales
  • Project Management
  • Services Marketing Management
  • Human Resources
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Planning and Control 
  • Destination Management
  • Advanced Human Resource Management
  • Event Marketing and Partnership
  • Event Project
  • International Marketing
  • Business and Society
  • Managing Innovation and Change
  • International Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Implementing Sustainable Practice
  • Contemporary Issues in Organisations
  • Contemporary Issues in the Tourism Industry

*Electives still subject to final approval. 

Auckland-based programme

This programme is for international students only. 

It's all about practical learning so you can really understand the world of business and hit the ground running when you enter the workforce. 

During your degree, you’ll:

  • learn by looking at case studies, completing workplace assignments and a major research project
  • receive help with part-time job placement during your studies and with job placement when you graduate
  • complete a 300-hour internship, gaining hands-on experience and developing important industry and business connections. 
What will the three years look like?

During your first year, you’ll complete core Level 5 courses about business fundamentals before completing more advanced business courses during your second and third year. You’ll complete an internship during your third year. 

For more detail about what you'll learn, visit our Auckland campus website

Further study options

We offer a range of postgraduate business programmes which will enable you to deepen your knowledge.

In both Dunedin and Auckland (for domestic and international students), we offer: 

In Auckland only (for international students), we offer: