He Toki Information Technology Training

If you are Māori or Pasifika, aged 16-40 years old, and want to learn and earn in a practical, hands-on environment, consider our He Toki pathway. With He Toki, you'll be supported to gain a New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4) with a unique learning experience that has te reo, tikaka and mentorship at its heart.

About He Toki

Get the skills and support you need to succeed in the IT industry in Te Waipounamu.  

With He Toki, you'll be supported to gain a New Zealand Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4) – with a difference.  

Talk to us if you: 

  • identify as Māori or Pasifika  
  • are 16-40 years old  
  • want to learn and earn in a practical, hands-on environment, and  
  • want a rewarding career in the electrical industry.  
He Toki is more than a study pathway – it's a journey with a support network 

He Toki supports whānau to gain skills and qualifications, connect with iwi and explore industry opportunities, with the goal of securing wealth-enriching futures for Māori and Pasifika.  

He Toki’s strengths are in building relationships and offering a personalised and encouraging approach to learning, to ensure that you have a sustainable study/life balance. 

  • It challenges mainstream teaching methodologies 
  • It arms people with practical and employable skills in a required trade 
  • It embeds te reo and tikaka into day-to-day operations 
  • It applies an ako/tuakana-teina approach to offer guidance and mentorship with a Māori-specific context.  

Studying part-time

You can study this programme part-time but this option is not funded through He Toki. The standard fee is $4,366. However, you may be able to access the Fees Free Scheme for this programme.

The Fees Free Scheme is for those who are doing tertiary study for the first time (or those where their first tertiary study was covered by the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship initiative). 

All the details and criteria are on the Fees Free website but we'll support you through this process. 

What you'll study

IT is a global industry and there are currently far more IT-related jobs than there are graduates, so skills in this sector give you good employment prospects. 

This programme is your first step to gaining great introductory skills across a range of IT areas. You’ll study in a creative, innovative and supportive environment and, with small class sizes, you’ll get plenty of one-on-one attention from your experienced teachers. 

When you finish this certificate and graduate, you’ll have guaranteed entry into our three-year IT degree, the Bachelor of Information Technology. This is a hands-on, practical degree so you’ll learn by doing. You’ll also build the communication skills you need to work effectively in the industry. 


Receive an introduction to computing and software that can lead to further training in industry or education.

Courses include practical experience in web development, hardware, programming, operating systems and the internet. In addition to technical topics, you will learn industry skills and will explore online tools such as blogs and wikis. 

Course name Course description Level Credits
Web Development Learn how to create and manage a simple website to professional standards using common industry tools 4 15
Programming Discover how to plan, produce and document software development solutions for specified industry problems 4 15
Computer Essentials Gain an understanding of how to create, maintain and report on basic computing infrastructure to meet given specifications 4 15
IT Industry Skills Learn how to communicate professionally and use planning tools and methodologies  4 15
Total     60

Further study options

When you finish this certificate and graduate, you’ll have guaranteed entry into our Bachelor of Information Technology which will help you grow your skills, knowledge and career options.