New Zealand Certificate in Bicycle Servicing (Level 3)

Learn to service a wide range of bicycles, components and bicycle systems, including e-bikes. Enjoy the chance to gain skills in a flexible learning environment through a blend of practical block courses, online learning and workplace experience.

About the programme

Gain the skills you need to stand out in this rapidly growing industry.

New Zealand’s exciting recreation, sport and tourism industries are developing quickly. A qualification in bicycle servicing could be what you need to turn your passion into a career in one of these areas. 

Offering you a flexible learning environment through a blend of practical block courses, online learning and workplace experience, this programme gives you the chance to fit your study around other commitments.  

Small class sizes provide an efficient and adaptable environment in which to learn your practical skills. Your work experience will give you a valuable foot in the door for future employment. 

Previous graduates have gone on to work in, and start, a range of bicycle industry, import and tourism businesses. This qualification could also be your springboard into working as a specialist service provider, a mechanic within professional racing teams, or living the dream of working and playing while travelling abroad. 

Our New Zealand Certificate in Bicycle Mechanics (Level 4) provides the perfect next step if you’re keen to take your skills to an advanced level.


During this programme, you will learn how to:

- Work safely and efficiently in a professional bicycle workshop

- Service an extensive range of bicycle components spread across all bicycle systems:

  • Frames
  • Steering
  • Braking
  • Drive Train
  • Wheels
  • Suspension

- Assemble full bicycles, systems, components, parts, and accessories

- Apply knowledge of industry legislation and safety standards to bicycle servicing

- Apply knowledge and practical skills to assist customers

- Gain an understanding of the bicycle industry.


You'll learn how to Credits
Operate safely in a workshop environment under limited supervision and select, use, and maintain equipment and tools appropriate for undertaking routine bicycle service and repair tasks 8
Assemble, service, adjust, and test a range of bicycle systems and system componentry in accordance with legislation, and safety and industry standards 40
Perform warranty and routine servicing requirements in accordance with manufacturer specifications to fulfil retailer obligations 5
Apply product knowledge to effectively communicate within the workplace to assist customers with warranty and servicing, and with the purchase of bicycle components and accessories 5
Understand career opportunities, and the New Zealand Bicycle Industry supply-chain for career progression and comprehensive understanding of the industry and its functioning 2
Total 60

Further study options

Continue to expand your skills with the New Zealand Certificate in Bicycle Mechanics (Level 4) offered at our Central Otago campus.