New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Carpentry) (Level 3)

Get the foundational skills and knowledge of worksite safety and tools, providing you with a head-start for a future apprenticeship. Enjoy hands-on training in our workshops and building projects in a supportive environment without the pressure of a real-world worksite.

About the programme

Carpentry involves the construction and maintenance of buildings, and there is high demand for qualified carpenters. 

This programme will give you the work-ready skills to enter the construction trades as an apprentice carpenter working under supervision.

With additional training and/or experience, you could become a carpenter, junior and senior foreperson, or be self-employed. 

During your studies you will enjoy hands-on training in our workshops and the chance to be involved in real-world, community-based building projects  which will lead to you gaining knowledge about health and safety, trade calculations and hand tools.

During this programme you will also have the opportunity to work on our charity house project. 

Are you a Māori or Pasifika person aged 16-40? 

We also offer a free version of this programme called He Toki. 

He Toki supports whānau to gain skills and qualifications, connect with iwi and explore industry opportunities, with the goal of securing wealth-enriching futures for Māori and Pasifika. 

With He Toki, you'll be supported to gain a New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Level 3) in Carpentry via a unique and empowering learning experience that has te reo, tikaka and mentorship at the heart of everything.

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This programme has a credit range of 60-120.

* Please note: The courses for this programme may be changing for 2025. We'll update the information below as soon as we can.

Course Description Credits
Trade Skills 1 Develop preliminary skills and knowledge for working in the construction industry. 15
Trade Skills 2 Enhance your trade skills knowledge and gain practical experience on a construction site or in a construction-related industry. 30
Foundations Learn how to set out and prepare to construct foundation structures (up to and including floor level) using specified materials. 15
Structures Gain an understanding of how to construct walls and roofs using specified materials. 30
Exterior Claddings Develop an understanding of how to install external cladding and roofing to a structure using specified materials. 15
Interior Lining Learn how to install interior linings, trim, fixtures and fittings using specified materials while working with others in a safe working environment.  15