New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Academic) (Level 5)

Suitable for you if you are an upper-intermediate English speaker. This course will help you progress into advanced academic studies. You will also further grow your confidence in your English speaking ability.


This qualification is made up of four courses in reading, writing, speaking and listening. All courses are compulsory and will be studied at the same time. Within each of these skills, complex grammatical structures, tenses and vocabulary for specific purposes will be utilised.

Reading (15 credits) 

Gain an understanding of the organisation of academic/specialised texts in order to locate specific information, take notes, summarise and differentiate between fact and opinion.

Writing (15 credits) 

Learn how to produce crafted texts for specified audiences in academic or professional contexts, including discursive essays, research reports and business cases.

Speaking (15 credits) 

Discover how to speak on a range of academic/professional topics within academic and/or professional contexts and to be capable of sustaining discourse on a particular topic.

Listening (15 credits) 

Demonstrate an understanding of spoken texts and learn how to process information for academic and/or professional purposes.

What will I learn?

Graduates of this qualification will have the English language skills to work in positions that require:

  • complex interpersonal communication
  • understanding of complex, context-specific professional and/or technical texts
  • writing of complex, context-specific communications
  • full participation, interaction and initiative in a team. 

This qualification is designed to equip you with the English language skills to enable you to seek professional registration with regulatory standard bodies.  

Further study options

When you finish this Level 5 certificate, you'll be able to apply for programmes that are quite advanced and/or specialise in a particular field of study. This includes most postgraduate programmes.