Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management (Business Information Systems)

Useful for you if you have work experience in a management or information systems role or a relevant undergraduate degree. This programme is for international students only and will deepen your understanding of current information systems management capabilities. There is the opportunity to work with industry during a professional project and the programme also includes employability workshops, industry events and guest speakers. 


Course name Course description Level Credits
Capabilities for Managers Gain a critical awareness of the skills needed to manage complex organisations 8 15
Research and Enquiry  Achieve the skills you need to undertake small-scale professional projects within organisations 8 15
Analytics for Managers  Achieve the skills needed to critically evaluate data for decision making within applied management 8 15
Project Management Learn how to develop critical analysis and application skills in project management  8 15
Course name Course description Level Credits
Information Security Learn how to critically analyse information security and design appropriate information security structures for organisations 15 
Business Intelligence Critically evaluate the process and principles behind data analytics and extract information from large data sets that may be used to benefit a particular business or organisation   9 15 
Management of Information Systems Understand how information systems should be managed in order to assist in the achievement of the strategic goals of organisations   9 15 

The following courses are subject to availability and number of enrolments.

Business Solutions Architecture Become equipped with the capabilities to critically analyse, evaluate and apply the concepts and procedures used for the successful planning, design and implementation of an enterprise architecture based on an organisational strategy  8 15 
Business Analysis Gain the ability to meet specified business needs through critical business analysis 9 15 
User Experience Design Analyse the design and behaviour of interactive products in organisations 8 15 
Software Engineering Methodologies Critically analyse and apply structured and adoptive software development principles in different organisational contexts 8 15 
Software Quality Assurance Become equipped to investigate, critically evaluate, recommend and apply software quality assurance methodologies and techniques in organisations  8 15 
Applied Human Resource Management Learn how to provide the skills needed for management of human resources within contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand organisations  8 15 
Professional Project  This course is compulsory for the course work and Professional Practice option only. It will enable you to critically apply skills and knowledge gained during the programme to complete an ethical applied professional project that contributes to professional practice in management.  9 45

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