Work with our staff

Our academic staff apply their research to help solve real-world challenges.

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We would love to collaborate with you and contribute our expertise to what you are doing. Our academic staff are making the world a better place, applying their research to help solve real world challenges and to inform their teaching, benefiting our students. We work with community organisations, industries, professions and other academic institutions, locally, nationally and internationally.

Ways of working with our staff

Research partner

We welcome opportunities to partner with industry and community organisations to undertake research that will meet an identified need of theirs. For example Tony Heptinstall and Tim Lynch in our Food Design Institute worked with our EPICentre technicians William Early and Ken Wyber to develop handcrafted foods for Sanitarium that looked identical to fruit and vegetables but were filled with contrasting flavours. 

Media interview

Some of our staff are experienced at handling media interviews related to their research. For example:

Please contact our Media Liaison about interviews and public statements.

Expert witness

Christine Griffiths, Suzanne Millar and Kerry Adams have advised coroners, ACC and the Health and Disability Commissioner on cases involving midwives. 

Associate Professor Matt King has extensive experience investigating and giving evidence about traffic accidents for private parties, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and governments in New Zealand, France and USA.

Guest speaker

Our researchers are interested in speaking about their work. For example, Professor Jo Kirkwood has presented her work on entrepreneurs who are mothers to business women. David Finnie has been presenting his construction research to quantity surveyors and construction lawyers.

Governance roles

Many of our researchers hold roles that enable them to contribute their expertise at a governance level for relevant organisations. For example:

  • Kerry Adams is Co-Chair (Tangata Tiriti) of the Midwifery Council.
  • Professor Karole Hogarth is a member of a reference group contributing to a project on infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance initiated by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor.
  • Associate Professor Martin Andrew is a board and committee member for WIL NZ (Work Integrated Learning NZ).
  • Associate Professor Kelli Te Maihāroa is the Co-General Secretariate for Asia Pacific Peace Research Association. She has over twenty years of Māori Governance experience and sits on two mana whenua governance boards.
Industry secondment

A secondment where one of our researchers spends time in your organisation (or vice versa) can be mutually beneficial. For example, Professor Richard Mitchell from the Food Design Institute has been embedded at Silver Fern Farms two days a week to exchange knowledge and experience.

Professional development

Other researchers are able to use their expertise to help build skills and capabilities amongst your staff. For example, our automotive staff have run electric vehicle training for New Zealand Fire Service personnel.

Apply our published research

Much of our research is freely available online to be accessed and used by anyone.

Click here for our e-Publications.


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Our team are experienced professionals who support our researchers to benefit their teaching practice and the communities we are part of - locally, nationally and globally.