A key to the future

Inge Andrew's research used a design methodology to help men to avoid violence.

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Stopping Violence Dunedin (SVD) is a not for profit organisation run by experienced facilitators who work to empower their clients with a sense of community and positive self-worth, instead of placing blame. The men who attend weekly group sessions build strong connections, share their story and listen to others with similar life events. Many have been victims themselves or experienced traumatic events. This sense of community with other men who share similar experiences is vital in developing hope and changing the trajectory of their lives.

SVD was interested in seeing how the support system could be extended, to give the men something powerful to hold onto during the week. For her Master of Design research, Inge Andrew investigated the processes at SVD and the journey of change the men experience, in order to create a design outcome that supported this work. She used the Double Diamond methodology; a discover, define, develop and deliver approach ensures that people and community are the centre of a design process.

Through interviews Inge gained an in-depth understanding of what motivates the men to change their behaviour, and how the men build connections with each other. She considered several concepts before designing a key with a tactile pattern on the head. This key acts as both a metaphor for the journey of change that the men undergo as well as a reminder of the support structure that exists between the men at SVD. Inge imagines that when men are out in the community and they feel stressed, they could reach in their pocket for the key.

Men can be gifted a Shift Key (pictured) when they show a ‘shift’ in their thinking. This is when they realise that their violence has wider consequences that they need to take responsibility for. The car shift diagram is a valuable metaphor as men can often procrastinate (be in neutral) as well as go in reverse while on their constantly changing journey. As a tangible expression of the SVD community, she hopes it will help the men to feel connected between sessions and hopeful for a future without violence.

August 2022

Image: © Inge Andrew. All rights reserved.

Published on 02 May 2023