Deciphering jargon

A learner's animations are helping to explain legal terms.


The University of Otago's Legal Issues Centre is aware that complex processes and specialised legal jargon make it harder for people to navigate New Zealand's justice system. To start addressing this issue, in 2018 they produced a series of nine animations that explained a few things, such as where and how to get help with a legal dispute. 

Our Communication Design student Catherine Chin developed the next set of animations in 2019. She was selected for a student summer scholarship with the University, and this animation work contributed to her Postgraduate Certificate in Design.

The six new videos which she produced for the Legal Issues Centre explain common legal terminology that can puzzle non-lawyers. They should help people to understand what is happening and why in their legal proceedings.

July 2020

Image credit: Catherine Chin. All rights reserved.

Published on 28 Apr 2023