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Dunedin's Wildlife Hospital

We partner with the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital to provide an exceptional experience to our students and save our endangered wildlife.

Our Dunedin on-campus students can gain hands-on experience with sick and injured wildlife at The Wildlife Hospital, which is located at our School of Animal Health.

Alongside our team of highly-skilled and experienced teaching staff, renowned wildlife veterinarian Dr Lisa Argilla and her team give learners unprecedented practical experience in the Hospital and during tutorials.

Our students gain valuable, relevant and up-to-date skills in this real-world environment. These skills are highly transferable and will place you in an excellent position whether you want to focus on a traditional role in a companion animal practice or follow a different pathway such as working with wildlife.

In addition, every veterinary clinic in New Zealand regularly has wildlife presented to them by members of the public so your experience in The Wildlife Hospital will allow you to support the best options for the animal.

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