School of Nursing

Embrace the chance to receive a first-class theoretical and practical nursing education. Benefit from access to state-of-the-art facilities, the latest industry knowledge and the expertise of highly experienced teachers, and graduate with the skills and confidence to enter the nursing profession

Our hands-on approach to learning sees 100% of our degree graduates moving into professional positions after their studies. By studying at our School of Nursing, you’ll have access to first-rate facilities and innovative teaching methods. You’ll feel right at home in a caring and supportive environment with like-minded people who are absolutely committed to guiding you to success.


Our facilities

At our School of Nursing, you will learn from our simulation suite; an environment designed to replicate a medical/surgical ward, as well as a primary and mental health facility. This is a problem-based, hands-on way of learning which is a safe alternative for you to practice real-life, clinical scenarios under the guidance of a lecturer without having to leave the Dunedin campus. 

The Simulation Suite

Our Simulation Suite is designed to replicate a medical/surgical ward, as well as a primary and mental health facility. Here you will be able to participate in a variety of scenarios to help support and develop your knowledge and skills. This will help to prepare you for clinical placements in these areas.

We have a variety of simulators ranging from an ALS (advanced life support) to our brand new tetherless simulators. These have realistic features such as active eyes, palpable pulses and programmable airways.

With our simulators, you are able to practice clinical skills such as taking a blood pressure and pulse, listening for and recognising different cardiac and respiratory patterns, and practicing resuscitation skills and airway management.

Another aspect of simulation is the debriefing process. This is facilitated by the simulation lecturer and gives you the opportunity to discuss and reflect on your simulation experience.


How to apply for nursing

Need help applying for the Bachelor of Nursing? This complete guide takes you through the steps...

How to apply for nursing

Provide learners with real life experience

Our learners can add value to your organisation through internships and research projects.

Provide learners with real life experience
Research stories to inspire

Research stories to inspire

We encourage applied research to support teaching and community needs, available to all.

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