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Advancing patient care

New research from Otago Polytechnic's School of Nursing and lecturer, Dr Karole Hogarth.

Dr Karole Hogarth

Otago Polytechnic has become the first nursing school in New Zealand to embed the online LabTutor technology into its curriculum.

Pioneered in New Zealand and accepted internationally as a teaching tool for medical students, LabTutor is created by Dunedin-based AD Instruments. The company is currently working to adapt and refine its existing programmes to meet the specific requirements of nursing students.

Using a computer interface and plug in components, LabTutor increases student’s engagement with the sciences and enhances their understanding of difficult concepts.

It enables students to measure their own physiological outputs and also perform laboratory tests such as ECG, Spirometry and EEG. It provides students with a safe platform to engage in practical experiments and enables them to compare their own results with a real life patient’s data.

“Students need many different blended delivery techniques to integrate the theoretical aspect of their studies,” says Dr Karole Hogarth, Senior Lecturer and Curriculum Leader at Otago Polytechnic’s School of Nursing.

Dr Hogarth recently presented a paper on the implementation of LabTutor into nursing bioscience teaching at the Australasian Nurse Educators Conference in Wellington.

“Real life case studies engage the student’s interest through client interviews, personal history, medical notes and test results,” she says.

“Through this process, students gain a realistic perspective of the complex background required to have an informed discussion about patient care.”

Results and case studies are discussed in tutorials to help students to integrate their theoretical knowledge. Through this practice they learn how to integrate the complexities of disease processes into their practice in all clinical areas.


Hogarth, K. (2013) Implementation of Labtutor into nursing bioscience teaching. Paper presented at the Australasian Nurse Educators Conference, Wellington.