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james willocks

James Willocks

James Willocks, 26, found his dream job and the love of his life, all as a result of a study abroad opportunity provided by Otago Polytechnic.

While studying the Graduate Diploma in Physical Conditioning at Otago Institute of Sports and Adventure, James was offered the chance of a lifetime to study in the United States and gain a one-year internship coaching athletes at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New England.

“It was this hands-on experience that my previous university study lacked that Otago Polytechnic delivered on. I actually got to do the work rather than just learn about the theory. It was a privilege gaining real-world experience and seeing the students that I coached grow as athletes and as people”.

As part of his time abroad, James also had the opportunity to explore a lot of the United States. He visited Texas and Ohio and every state on the East Coast from Maine all the way down to Florida. “I 100 per cent recommend this experience: Look at where it gets you and the opportunities it presents. The relationships you create last a lifetime”.

Speaking of relationships, James has since married an American girl, and been offered a permanent job at Dartmouth College.

Moving forward, James is keen to progress his career further and hopefully have a chance to visit the West Coast of USA.