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Jamalia Henderson

Bachelor of Social Services (with specialties in Career Practice, Counselling, Disability Support and Coordination or Mental Health Support)

Bachelor of Social Services graduate, Jamalia Henderson, wanted to get some experience behind her before entering the workforce so she undertook a four month Otago Polytechnic Graduate Internship to China.

“Travelling is always something I’ve wanted to do and this seemed like a great opportunity to get some career experience and life experience and travel at the same time.”

Jamalia’s internship was at Linyi University in the province of Shandong, teaching oral English to freshman students.

“I certainly had a lot of support, contact and advice about teaching from Otago Polytechnic while I was over there, especially in the first few weeks which were a bit testing, which was really good.”

Her internship included paid airfares to and from New Zealand, free accommodation, a living away allowance and a living wage. She was only required to work a four day week which allowed her to spend the other three days travelling around China.

“I got to go to the Great Wall, spend time in the countryside and just be a tourist every week so it was really fantastic. I’d absolutely recommend that Otago Polytechnic students apply for this internship and I think it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”