Otago Polytechnic
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Petra Hass

Bachelor of Social Services (with specialties in Career Practice, Counselling, Disability Support and Coordination or Mental Health Support)

Petra Hass is a Career Adviser at the University of Otago’s Career Development Centre. Her role is incredibly varied. She helps with everything from CV preparation and cover letter writing skills, to job search strategy and interview coaching. She also designs and runs workshops to help students improve their interpersonal communication and networking skills.

“My Bachelor of Social Services (Career Practice) was instrumental in helping me launch my career in Dunedin. I worked in the print media industry in Germany, before moving here, and was ready for a career change. I wanted a New Zealand qualification that would help me find meaningful work – the degree programme at Otago Polytechnic was exactly what I was looking for!" says Petra.

“The programme was both fun and practical. It was a great way to make connections in Dunedin and build a network of friends and contacts. It also provided a fascinating introduction to Māori culture. My degree definitely helped me gain employment. It connected me to work placements giving me plenty of space to hunt out my own opportunities.

“This career requires a high level of commitment, and it is very rewarding. It’s important to enjoy working with people, and to have a good knowledge of the employment market. In the fast-paced and constantly changing labour environment, a willingness to learn and to keep up-to-date is essential!”