Otago Polytechnic
squat nationals 2015 2

Ashley Templeton

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Ashley Templeton graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2012. She comes from a farming background in Waimatuku (Southland).

Ashley always knew she wanted to work in a healthcare/community setting as she spent quite a lot of time in hospital when she was young and has always remembered the kind nurses and doctors she had. She found out about Occupational Therapy in Year 13 at school and as soon as she heard about it knew she wanted to become an occupational therapist. So she applied, and was accepted, to Otago Polytechnic.

“Otago Polytechnic was great. I had a great hall to stay in and made lots of life-long friends. It wasn’t like going in to big lectures; it was small, friendly and caring.

"In my final year at Otago Polytechnic, I started doing a lot of weight training at Unipol Gym. In 2013 I went to the World Powerlifting Champs in South Africa and got a bronze medal in my division.”

Now Ashley is the 2015 National Raw Women’s Overall powerlifting champion. Ashley also uses her competitive recreational skills in powerlifting in her vocational rehabilitation job in Christchurch to teach workers how to prevent sprains and strains in the workplace, and work with people with injury or disability to assist them to return to work.

“I think all the anatomy we learnt at Otago Polytechnic was a big help to me personally and professionally. It helped my training and it also helps me with the people I work with.

"My next big plan is to go to the World Powerlifting Championships in Texas in 2016 to compete. I would love another international medal for the wall.”