Otago Polytechnic

Lachlan Rutherford

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Information Technology student Lachlan Rutherford wanted to experience the world, so in 2014 he spent the second semester at Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences in the southwest of Germany. Reutlingen can trace its roots back to the 5th and 6th centuries but today it is a modern industrial centre of more than 110,000 in habitants.

“The main thing I worried about was the language. It turns out they speak English and they want to help you; everyone’s there to help you, so it’s really good.” Lachlan had taken a German speaking course at the beginning of the semester as he had wanted to respect the language and try to learn the basics. This course turned out to be one of the best places to meet other students that were similarly new to Germany.

Reutlingen University is very small and mainly specialises in Business.  More than 20% of students at Reutlingen University come from outside Germany and one of the many highlights for Lachlan was the University’s international programme. The program is designed to learn about the culture of Germany including first-hand experience visiting the Mercedes Car Factory.

Lachlan has now made connections all over the world, including unbreakable friendships.  He managed to make very good use of the time by balancing study with travel. “We went to Berlin, Stuttgart, and then with those same guys we branched out to go to other places like Budapest, Prague and Spain. It was really good!”

For Lachlan, going on Study Abroad was everything he hoped it would be and more. He would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone that wants a change in their own lifestyle and make a difference. It is what you make of it.