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Kianee Small in crew seat
The tourism industry is continually growing and changing and having a diploma really helps.

Kianee Small
Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism (Level 5)

Kianee always wanted to be in tourism, but a careers night in High School where a former Qantas flight attendant recounted her days flying set Kianee’s sights on a career in the skies.

“I applied for lots of flight attendant positions with different airlines but I wasn’t getting many interviews. I realised most of the other applicants had degrees and diplomas and there was a big educational gap between me and them.”

Kianee had a certificate in international flight attending but decided she needed more.

“I felt professionally I needed to know what was going on in the tourism industry and the Otago Polytechnic one year Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism gave me a great awareness of how the tourism business works, it really opened my eyes. My favourite paper was sustainable tourism.”

With her certificate and Otago Polytechnic Diploma Applied Travel and Tourism in hand, Kianee applied to Jetstar for a flight attendant position and has been flying New Zealand domestic routes, and internationally to Fiji and Australia ever since.  

“It’s my dream job. It’s exactly how I thought it would be, and the best part is the people I work with, they’re such a fun team.”

Kianee is hoping to stay with Jetstar for “a long time as they really look after their staff and are interested in helping your career”.

The Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism (Level 5) has now been replaced by the New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel (Level 5).

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Photo Credit: Lydia Goldman