Otago Polytechnic
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Cameron Scott

Bachelor of Information Technology

Cameron Scott arrived in Europe two months early for his exchange at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. This allowed Cameron a decent amount of time to travel and experience different cultures before settling down to study.

The title of the course Cameron studied in Rotterdam was called “Design innovation for one billion people” and covered design thinking, trend watching, design psychology, conception, design principles and prototype iterations.

“We could pick any type of innovation we wanted so long as it was an innovation that could reach one billion people. Coming from studying the Bachelor of Information Technology at Otago Polytechnic I was a little out of my comfort zone. I was expected to be proficient in programmes such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. It definitely taught me to be more self-directed in my learning.

“My class was made up of a mixture of Dutch students and exchange students. We often had trips to other European cities as part of our studies including Antwerp, Brussels and Barcelona.

“One thing I discovered was how cheap it was to live in Europe. Food in the Netherlands is much cheaper than in New Zealand and I was able to survive off 40 Euro a week if I played my cards right. Travel is also very affordable with cheap airlines such as Ryan Air. I managed to snag a ticket to London from Eindhoven for just 10 Euro.

“Going on an exchange was the best thing I have ever done. Travelling definitely helped broaden my mind and it was fun to experience the cultural differences such as biking everywhere or being greeted with a kiss on the cheek.

“My recommendation to others would be if you decide to go an exchange make sure to go the extra mile to meet people and talk with people you think you might get on with. That will help you have the most exciting experience possible.”