Otago Polytechnic
ENG profile Xin 001

Wang Xin, China

New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General) (Level 3)

Wang Xin is from Beijing, China and used to work in advertising. Three years ago she came to Otago Polytechnic to study English.

“When I first came here my English was all book learning. It didn’t really prepare me for life in New Zealand as people speak really fast here and use different words. However coming to Otago Polytechnic’s English Language Centre was really helpful. It was a good bridging programme with really supportive staff that taught us about the language but also about New Zealand traditions, culture and festivals.”

After finishing her English Language study, Xin continued studying at Otago Polytechnic, this time studying Culinary Arts and cooking.

Xin says: “The programme is about both design and cookery and teaches you how to solve problems and provides a great structure. Every class has more than two teachers and the lecturers are really nice.”

Eight months ago, Dunedin opened up a new Distinction Hotel and Xin went along to an open interview with over 300 other members of the public.

“I applied for a cheffing job. I went along and showed the head chef my passion and I was successful in getting the job. I now work at Distinction Hotel and prepare food from breakfast through to dinner and also do food service.

“I’m really enjoying living in Dunedin. Dunedin is a really nice city with no traffic jams, beautiful views and buildings and nice people. When you walk down the street everyone smiles at you. I really like that.

“If you want to learn English then studying in Dunedin, New Zealand is a really good choice. Dunedin is a student city so it is a really good study environment and Otago Polytechnic will give you a really good foundation to study, work and live in an English-speaking country.”