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Ewan Baker

Ewan Baker

Otago Polytechnic engineering student, Ewan Baker, has had a whirlwind of an introduction to his chosen career.  In November, he won the prestigious ‘2016 Bill Buckley Scholarship Award’, and landed a coveted three-year apprenticeship at Scott Technology in Dunedin.

Ewan didn’t expect to win the award at all.  “I only found out I could apply two days before the closing date, but I thought I may as well.  I was surprised that even though I had to rush to put together the application, my results and achievements were enough to carry me through” he says.

Lecturer, Stuart Hewson is impressed with Ewan’s accolade.  “He beat 30 other applicants to win.  I’m not surprised though, he takes every opportunity to learn new things and gain knowledge” he says.

Ewan initially thought he’d study engineering at university, and signed up in Australia.  But after one year, he realised Otago Polytechnic had everything he wanted to do. 

“I love the hands on work at Otago Polytechnic, and also really enjoy the theory and design.  Now that I’m working full time at Scott Technology, they also really encourage those aspects”.

Ewan has completed his Certificate in Engineering (Level 3), and still has three papers left in his New Zealand Diploma in Engineering – Mechanical Engineering.

As for the future, Ewan’s taking it all in his stride.  “It’s been an amazing year, with a lot happening.  I think I’ll just keep my head down and move forward – that’s worked for me so far”.

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