Otago Polytechnic
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Majid Dousti

Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Majid Dousti thought 30 years of civil engineering in Iran would place him well for employment in New Zealand.  But he soon found that most employers here didn’t recognise his qualifications or experience.

So, with a family to support, Majid Dousti decided to retrain at Otago Polytechnic.  He now has a Certificate in Electrical Technology, a NZ Diploma in Engineering (Electrical) and he’s just finished his Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical).

Majid’s attitude and commitment to study helped him find work with Delta – he’s one of their distribution designers for Dunedin’s electricity network.

Majid says Dunedin’s the perfect place for him, “The people are friendly, and they make time for you” he says.

He found Otago Polytechnic a great place for mature students, “There’s a big variety of ages.  I am the oldest in the class, but I fit in all right.  My classmates are all very friendly”.

Majid says his studies here were very different than in Iran.  “Here you don’t need to rote learn formulas.  Here, you can use your mind for solving problems, you can be more creative.”

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