Otago Polytechnic
ART profile YongWeiLim 001

Yong Wei Lim

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours)

Yong Wei Lim loves studying at Otago Polytechnic.

“The community is very close, and you get to know people better.  I like smaller institutions.”

When Yong Wei decided to further her studies in Art, she chose to leave her home country of Malaysia for New Zealand.  “It’s a very good place, surrounded by nature”. 

On a colleague’s recommendation, Yong Wei’s father investigated Otago Polytechnic.  “He asked serious questions like is the qualification recognised in Malaysia or by the New Zealand Government.”

Initially, Yong Wei found New Zealand English difficult to understand, but Student Services were very helpful.  “They are very kind and gave huge consideration to my problems.  As time passed, I got used to the New Zealand accent and the way English is used here.”

Yong Wei has thoroughly enjoyed extending herself at Otago Polytechnic and has graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), majoring in painting.  “I had never written long essays regarding my artworks before.  This process has really taught me new ways to look at my creations.”

Yong Wei loves it so much she’s decided to return for her Master of Visual Arts.  “After that, I plan to go back to Malaysia to work as an art teacher, and artist.”

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