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Katrina Le Cong

Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (Level 7)

Katrina Le Cong was always confident she would receive a quality education from Otago Polytechnic. A lecturer herself in the School of Social Services here, Katrina witnesses first-hand every day the wonderful opportunities and support students receive. “I never had any doubt – it made perfect sense for me to study here,” she says.

She also felt great pride at being able to be both a staff member and a student. ”The experience gave me a greater appreciation for the stresses and successes my own students were going though.”

Katrina completed her Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education in 2016, and describes her time as a student at Otago Polytechnic as ‘fantastic!’ “My supervisor was encouraging the whole way, and my colleagues also provided wonderful support,” she says. The Diploma has since impacted positively on her teaching in many ways.

The best part of studying at Otago Polytechnic was graduation. “The team at OP go out of their way to make it a really memorable experience.” she explains. “It is important to acknowledge all the hard work that has gone into your studies, and the way in which Otago Polytechnic honours you and your journey is really special.”

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