Otago Polytechnic
OP grads at DVML

Sheyanne Downey, Liv Graham and Emma Prattley

Bachelor of Applied Management

A fluid work environment requires flexible people.

Hence Dunedin Venues Management Limited relishes its strong relationship with Otago Polytechnic, which has resulted in DVML gaining three fast-thinking, fast-acting staff members in recent years.

Dunedin Venues Chief Executive Terry Davies says an internship programme – available through Otago Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Applied Business programme – offers his team a “feeder route” for high-quality staff.

“We are lucky to have such highly skilled individuals,” Terry says, referring to Otago Polytechnic graduates Sheyanne Downey, Liv Graham and Emma Prattley.

His comments are supported by Michelle Branford, whose role as DVML’s Events Manager requires her to coordinate all sorts of details for a wide range of events, including at Forsyth Barr Stadium and the Dunedin Centre.

“Some events are huge, some are smaller. But they all require planning and execution, so it is busy,” Michelle says.

“We have 500 events in a year. These include conferences, concerts, even cricket. We don’t rest.

“The internship trains and teaches students about real-world events. It’s about preparing people to be able to work in a fast-moving environment.”

Sheyanne took up a full-time position as an administration coordinator in September this year, completed her internship in June, then graduated this month.

Liv, meanwhile, enjoyed an internship at DVML in the second half of 2016, also working casually. She graduated in November last year, and began a full-time position as events coordinator in January.

“I started out coordinating corporate events, small workshops and meetings. Now, I’m doing more social functions and conferences,” Liv says.

“The most recent project I’ve worked on has been the Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival.”

Emma’s journey is similar: she graduated in 2014, was employed on a casual basis while completing her internship, then was offered a fulltime events coordinator role at DVML.

“The most attractive part of the Bachelor of Applied Management was the internship – being able to apply those practical skills.

“It was a real eye-opener.”

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