Otago Polytechnic
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Lizzi Diehl

New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 5)

Lizzi Diehl is combining a passion for health and fitness with a desire to help others.

The Dunedin-born “mature learner” recently returned to the city with her husband and family and is enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 5) at Otago Polytechnic.

“I’ve always played sports – mainly netball – and I joined a gym a few years ago, which sparked my passion in health and fitness,” Lizzi explains.

“We receive heaps of support from the teachers. They’re all so encouraging and willing to help in any way they can. They also have a wealth of knowledge in lots of different areas.

“The other students are supportive, too. I’ve learnt so much just by watching other students in the gym.”

Lizzi is currently training four clients (twice a week each), which enables her to transfer her theoretical knowledge to real-world practice.

“I love seeing the progress they’ve made and how proud they are when they achieve one of their goals. And getting positive feedback from clients has been awesome.”

Lizzi wants to be a personal trainer, working mainly with mums.

“I want to use my personal experience, the knowledge I have learned from Polytechnic, as well as the contacts I have made to help this cohort.

“Being a mum of two boys and having a husband who travels quite a bit means that fitting in assignments and clients has been a bit of a juggle.

I’ve definitely had challenging moments, but the teachers have been so supportive and encouraging.”