Otago Polytechnic
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Ashley Ho

Bachelor of Nursing

Originally from Kuching, Malaysia, Ashley Ho grew up surrounded by a family that supported her dream of becoming a nurse and now she wants to give something back.

Choosing Otago Polytechnic for its highly-regarded degree programmes and capable, professional graduates, Ashley hasn’t been disappointed.

“Nursing staff support, small class sizes and a mix of theory and practical learning have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the techniques I’m learning,” says Ashley.

In turn, this allows her to gain confidence in her abilities as she gets ‘hands-on’ practice in the lab. Ashley says she can’t wait to embark on her career in nursing as she finds it a fascinating job which involves never-ending learning.

“With the experience I’ve gained working in the hospitals, and the support I’ve received from the community, I hope to settle in New Zealand. I really feel at home here.”