Otago Polytechnic

Auckland Graduation

Welcome to the Auckland graduation page! Students graduating from the Auckland International Campus will have their ceremony in Auckland. The next graduation ceremony will be on Wednesday, 1 May 2019. 

  Registering for graduation

Students must graduate within 18 months of attaining their qualification. You must register for graduation online via the link sent to your email address. The link will be sent to both your personal and Otago Polytechnic email address. It is important that all your contact information is up to date so you do not miss important graduation messages we send. To update your details, please email graduation@op.ac.nz 

  • Academic dress hire: order your academic dress when you register online
  • Payment for academic dress hire: visit Level 2 Reception, 350 Queen St
  • Special seating arrangements: record any special seating arrangements for you or your guests when you register online.
  Programme of Main Events

Please note: This is a guide only. Cermony times and locations will be confirmed closer to the time.

11.00am All Graduands to report Level 8 to be gowned
12.50pm Graduands meet on level 2 ready to depart on parade
1.00pm Graduation parade departs for the Auckland Town Hall via Queen, Victoria and Elliot Streets
1.15pm Auckland Town Hall main doors open for public
1:20pm All guests to be seated in the Auckland Town Hall
1.25pm Graduands to be assembled for registration Deutz Bar, downstairs Auckland Town Hall
1.30pm Graduation Ceremony commences
3.00pm Graduation Ceremony concludes
3.10pm Celebratory after-function for Graduates and guests at the Q Theatre
  The Ceremony

Registration of graduands begins at 11am on the morning of the Ceremony. All graduands are to meet on Level 8 of OPAIC (350 Queen Street). If you arrive later than 11.00am, you may not be able to take part in the Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony

Ngati Whatua is manawhenua for Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland). Ngati Whatua has been invited to participate in the Graduation Ceremony as the peoples of Tamaki Makaurau.

The Graduation ceremony will be opened with a Powhiri. The Powhiri will begin with local Iwi, Ngati Whatua, welcoming the students, staff and council of Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus into the Town Hall through a karanga.

Staff and students will enter accompanied by a piper from Otago Polytechnic; they will be followed by the members of Council to the stage. Here, they will proceed onto the stage where all will be met and greeted by the hau kainga where they will hariru. Staff and students will then proceed across stage and take their seats in the audience. The Council members, accompanied by their own kaumatua, will proceed to the area set aside for the Manuhiri taumata, facing the hau kainga.

To open the Powhiri, there will be a karakia and a mihi followed by a supporting waiata from the hau kainga.

The Manuhiri roopu taumata will reply on behalf of Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus followed by a waiata. At this stage Ngati Whatua would have then officially opened the ceremony and will take their place in their allocated seats in the auditorium.

At the end of the ceremony Ngati Whatua will speak once more prior to the final recession, blessing our graduates and wishing them well to go forward with success and officially closing the ceremony. 

Presentation of qualifications 

All Degrees will be presented first, followed by Diplomas. Graduands’ names are all read alphabetically.

Conferring of Degrees

For those receiving Masters and Bachelor Degrees, please hold the trencher in your left hand when making your way onto the stage. The Chairperson will confer your Degree by holding a trencher over your head.  For those receiving Postgraduate Degrees, please wear your trencher onto the stage. The Chairperson will shake your hand and the Chief Executive will then hand you your Degree. Once you have received your Degree you should then put on your trencher and continue across the stage and exit by the steps at the far side.  The trencher should be worn for the remainder of the ceremony.

Special Student Awards

Those students receiving Special Student Awards will be notified in writing prior to the Graduation Ceremony.

Conclusion of Ceremony

The award presentation will be followed by the singing of the National Anthem. The Official Party, then students, then geusts will then leave the Auckland Town Hall in procession.

  Tickets for guests

As a graduand, you do not require a ticket to the Graduation Ceremony for yourself. Two guest tickets will be allocated to each graduand who registers to attend the Graduation Ceremony. Applications for extra tickets can be made by emailing jordyn.thompson@op.ac.nz Extra ticket requests will be assessed following the closing of the registration. Extra ticket allocations will be confirmed by email soon after this date.

Information about where to collect your guest tickets from will be by email as soon as possible after this date. 

All guests should be seated in the Auckland Town Hall no later than 1.20pm. Guests are expected to remain for the duration of the Ceremony.

  Academic dress

The academic dress worn at Otago Polytechnic was designed in 1994 by third year students of the Otago Polytechnic Diploma in Fashion and Design course. By taking a Scottish style bachelor's gown as inspiration, the designers maintained the traditional Celtic link with Dunedin, while adapting the unique colours and motif from the Otago Polytechnic shield. By combining these two influences, the students established an appropriately traditional, but unique and distinctive look. 

What you need

The Otago Polytechnic Academic Board has approved the following dress code for graduands.  Select the qualification level you are graduating with:

Graduate Diploma: due to being an international student, you will wear Otago Polytechnic academic dress only. This will be a gown, hood, trencher and a facing.

Bachelor Degree: wear a blue gown, facing, hood and a trencher.

You must attend the ceremony wearing the correct academic dress.


  • Graduate Diploma graduands wear their trenchers on their heads to receive their certificates.
  • Bachelors graduands carry their trencher in their left hand.  Once capped by the Chairperson of the Otago Polytechnic Council and having received their award, they then put their trencher on their head and continue walking across the stage.

Hiring Academic Dress

To hire academic dress, register for graduation via the link provided to your student email. The charges (inclusive of GST) for hiring a set of academic dress are:

  • Graduate Diploma and Degree  $62.00

Payment of Academic Dress 

To pay your academic dress hire fee visit Level 2 reception, 350 Queen St, Auckland.  

If you have not registered for graduation in the required timeframe you will not be able to hire a gown or attend the ceremony. Cancellations should be reported promptly to Otago Polytechnic's Customer Services. 

Collection of Academic Dress

Academic Dress must be collected from level 8 at OPAIC the day of graduation by 12 noon at the latest.

Return of Academic Dress

Academic dress must be returned at one of the following times:

Date to be confirmed

 Before 5pm

Level 8, OPAIC: 350 Queen St, Auckland

Date to be confirmed

 Between 8am-4pm

Level 8, OPAIC: 350 Queen St, Auckland


All items of academic dress hired must be returned at one of the above times. If the academic dress hired is not returned in full by the latest collection time you will be charged a late penalty fee of $150.00. Full cost will be charged for any lost, damaged or soiled academic dress. The replacement value of a set of Otago Polytechnic academic dress is $1000.00.

Academic dress can be collected and returned on your behalf by friends or family members. However, the responsibility for safe return of academic dress is still yours.

  Federation of Graduate Women

Federation of Graduate Women

New Zealand is one of 61 countries with a national branch of the Federation of Graduate Women (FGW) affiliated to the International FGW whose headquarters are in Geneva, Switzerland. All women degree graduates may join the NZFGW.

The aims of the Federation are:

  • To promote understanding and cooperation among degree graduate women resident in New Zealand.
  • To represent and act for degree graduate women in matters in which they are interested.
  • To promote, through affiliation with the IFGW, understanding and friendship among degree graduate women of the world, irrespective of race, religion or political opinion.
  • To encourage research work by degree graduate women.
  • To encourage the full application of the knowledge and skills of degree graduate women to the problems which arise at all levels of public life, whether regional, national or worldwide, and to encourage their participation in the solving of these problems.

Membership of the IFGW entitles degree graduates to apply for many postgraduate awards.  Members receive regular newsletters, and may obtain letters of introduction to other branches of the IFGW when travelling overseas. Members retain contact with other degree graduate women, and by corporate action contribute to community, educational and controversial issues.  Members of all branches contribute to the preparation of submissions.

Local branch programmes include talks on topical subjects, panel discussions, study groups and social activities.

List of local branch secretaries:

  • CANTERBURY - PO Box 3088, Christchurch Mail Centre, Christchurch 8140
  • GISBORNE - 51 Island Road, Gisborne 4010
  • HAWKES BAY - 4/31 Shakespeare Road, Napier 4110
  • MANAWATU - PO Box 1713, Palmerston North Central, Palmerston North 4440
  • NORTH SHORE - PO Box 33-1050, Takapuna, North Shore City 0740
  • OTAGO - PO Box 6334, Dunedin North, Dunedin 9059
  • SOUTHLAND - PO Box 98, Invercargill 9840
  • WAIKATO - PO Box 7065, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3247
  • WELLINGTON - PO Box 2006, Wellington 6140