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Where you live makes a big difference to your student experience in Dunedin. Fortunately, there are a wide range of great options near the Dunedin Campus.

Supervised accommodation

In Dunedin, supervised accommodation is a great option. You’ll be able to meet people, many of your meals are provided and extra expenses such as electricity and phone rental are generally included. Supervised accommodation costs around $350 per week.

City College is located in North Dunedin, in the heart of the student area. You will live in apartment-style accommodation with flatmates and dine in a communal eating area. City College has excellent recreation and study facilities.

Salmond College is an easy 15-minute walk from our Dunedin Campus. It has great facilities for study and recreation and a communal eating area for meals. Free study tutorials are also available.

You must submit an application for accommodation for City or Salmond College through the University of Otago's website by September 30.

Apply for City College
Apply for Salmond College

Gardens College is a private hall residence for all students in Dunedin. It has 70 rooms, some with private ensuites and kitchenettes.

Flatting accommodation

Many students love the experience of renting a house together with friends and other students. When flatting, you will share living costs such as electricity, telephone and food.

In Dunedin, unfurnished flats generally cost between $90-$130 per week per room and another $80-$100 in expenses like power, phone and food. Furnished flats typically cost slightly more – about $130-$160 per week, and are less common. Your expenses will most likely be the same as in an unfurnished property.

Studio and hostel accommodation

Studios are often furnished and you will have access to kitchen facilities. It costs around $160-$280 per week and often includes power, heating, local telephone calls and cleaning of the common areas. Higher-priced studios can include ensuite facilities. Self-contained one-bedroom apartments may cost around $200-$350 per week.

Homestay accommodation

Some students choose to live in homestay for their first year at the Polytechnic, where you will live with a family in their home. You will have your own bedroom with a single bed, desk and wardrobe. Homestays cost $231 (all meals included), plus a one-off placement fee off $250.00.

Some homestay hosts allow you to use the internet at home for a small fee, but you can also access the internet at Otago Polytechnic.

Start looking! 

Some great places to start your search include:

Otago Polytechnic Student's Association accommodation page
Student Accommodation (Dunedin)
Otago Daily Times (Dunedin and Central Otago)
Trade Me (all campuses)
Share Accommodation (all campuses) 

Looking for a flat for 2017? 

Located in a super convenient spot next to the Dunedin campus, this flat features: 

  • 4 x bedrooms, 1 x bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living area, 
  • Fridge freezer, oven, washing machine and internet included
  • 1 x off-street parking space. 
  • 153, St David Street.
  • $500 per week. 

Contact: annie.blair@op.ac.nz (021 735 277) or tracey.howell@op.ac.nz (021 285 4216)


Visiting the Dunedin Campus?

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