Otago Polytechnic

Dyani Shepherd-Oates


Dyani grew up on a farm in Southland and moved to Dunedin this year to study IT and Business at Otago Polytechnic and train in athletics. She chose to stay at the Otago Polytechnic Student Village for a variety of reasons, including its location.

“The location is fantastic – everything, including town, is so accessible,” she says. “I attend lectures right across the road, and the High Performance Sport NZ gym and athletics track are also very close.”

Dyani finds there are real advantages to staying at the Village, as opposed to flatting or renting a studio room. “It’s great being in a ‘community’. It’s so much easier to make and maintain new friendships, as people are right down the hall and you see them all the time … and there is less to worry about with the staff there if you need them.”

Moving to Dunedin, and living with 200 people in the same building, has taken a little getting used to, especially as she has a love of ‘the country’ and open spaces. “Dunedin has just been a totally different way of life,” Dyani explains. “I still miss living in the country, but I have come to appreciate how accessible everything in the city is and how much more there is going on.”

Dyani recommends others considering living at the Village take the time to have a look around first. “Come and see the building and have a tour of the different room types. It allows you to work out what is important to you, accommodation wise.”