Otago Polytechnic

Chartsiri Klinpibul (Patty)

Patty hails from Nonthaburi, Thailand, but also spent quite a lot of time growing up in Malaysia and Egypt. She came to Dunedin to study for the Bachelor of Culinary Arts and decided the Otago Polytechnic Student Village was the best accommodation option for her. 

“The Village is conveniently located just a few minutes from the Polytechnic – and the building where most of my classes take place is especially close,” she enthuses. “I feel really safe too; there is someone looking out for the residents at all times.”

Apart from the safety and convenience, Patty feels there are other, more practical, benefits to staying at the Village over a flatting or studio room situation. The student village is the only hall where residents have the option of being on a meal plan, cooking for themselves, or even alternating between both. 

“I like not having to worry about things lik paying water and power bills,” says Patty. “I also know that I don’t need to stress about having to hurriedly find someone to replace a flatmate if he or she moves out – residents don’t have to cover the cost of empty rooms.”

Patty really enjoys the organised social activities that abound at the Village too. “There are various opportunities, but the Formal Dinner was a real highlight for me. It was a special event without an entry fee, where I got to meet other residents who I had not really had the chance to meet before,” she says. 

Patty recommends that others considering staying at the Village take the time to get to know people and speak up when in need of help. “Participate in events that interest you … and don’t be scared to try new things!”