Otago Polytechnic

Molly Ellis

Molly moved to Dunedin at the start of 2018 to study Occupational Therapy at Otago Polytechnic. She chose to stay at the Otago Polytechnic StudentVillage because of its handy location to campus. 

“It’s only a five minute walk away from The Hub at the Polytechnic, which makes it ideal for early morning lectures,” she explains. “The idea of warm and modern student accommodation also really appealed!”

The Village offers various accommodation options, but Molly chose a single dorm room as it allows her to have her own space and provides privacy when she needs it. 

“It also means you get to know a wider range of people. With the apartment option, you tend to socialise only with those people in your own lounge. However, in a single dorm room you are encouraged to use the common rooms and the rec room, where you have a better chance of socialising with others and developing a wider range of friendships,” she says.

“Plus, single dorm rooms are catered, so you don’t have the pressure of preparing and cooking your own food each day. You can just relax knowing that your meals are already cooked for you.”

Molly loves the supportive environment at the Village and the way they even assist with her course of study. “Max, Andy and the RAs are very approachable, and they are very happy to help me with anything that they can,” says Molly. “I also attend the Occupational Therapy tutorials put on by the Village - and the extra help has been invaluable!”