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Dunedin Campus orientation 

Dunedin is a student city and orientation is a great chance to meet new people and to find out what this vibrant place has to offer. 

As well as completing things such as your Student ID process, there’s also a wide range of events and activities to take part in.



2020 Domestic students’ orientation

Starts Monday 17 Feb - please be aware that individual school welcomes and orientation may begin before 17 Feb as programme start dates vary. Please check with your school about when you need to arrive.  

Date Event Location
Mon 17 Feb ID card processing OPSA (all day)
  Tent City / Movie Nights   
Tue 18 Feb Powhiri - Maori students  
  Tent City / Hall Sports  
Wed 19 Feb Hot Ham Lunch The Hub
  Tent City / Toga Party  
Thu 20 Feb Jo & Jared music The Hub
  Clubs Day / Music Gig (evening)  
Fri 21 Feb Mardi Gras  
Sat 22 Feb Music Gig (evening)  
Mon 24 Feb ID card processing OPSA (all day)
Tue 25 Feb Taco Tuesday Lunch / BOAZ Music The Hub
Wed 26 Feb $1 OFF day - Eden Cafe / Games The Hub
Thu 27 Feb Hub City - 11am Student Services
Fri 28 Feb Highlanders Game - 7.05pm Forsyth Barr Stadium
Tue 3 Mar International / Pasifika / Maori Lunch get-together  
Mon 9 Mar Nominations open for 2020 OPSA Board  
Tue 24 Mar First programme rep meeting - 12pm  
Tue 31 Mar OPSA Annual General Meeting - 12pm  

2020 International students’ orientation

Semester one: Monday 10 - Wednesday 12 February 2020 (9.00am-3.00pm each day)

Semester two: Monday 13 - Wednesday 15 July 2020 (9.00am-3.00pm each day)

Orientation includes:

> Lunch on the first day

> Enrolment and Student ID process (please bring your passport and visa)

> Information about Otago Polytechnic requirements and Student Services

> Preparation for studying in NZ and learning about “kiwi” culture

> Introduction to your School and liaison staff

> Meeting with current students

> Tour of the campus

> Optional visits to recreational facilities, city bus tour and social activities.

Our international students are welcome to take part in all of our OPSA (Otago Polytechnic Students' Association) Orientation events. 

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2020 CAP orientation dates

CAP (Competency Assessment Programme) orientation is held between 9.00am and 12noon on the following days:

> Friday 24 January 2020

> Friday 17 April 2020

> Friday 10 July 2020

> Friday 25 September 2020