Otago Polytechnic
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 A Blocka block

Automotive Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering


 D Block d block

Applied Business and Tourism (Level 1)
Microsoft Learning Suite (Level 1)
Computing and IT (Level 2)

 Mason Centre

Customer Services (Level 1)
Quality (Level 1)
Pacific Island liaison (Level 1)
OPSA (Students' Association) (Level 1)
Staffroom (Level 2)
Executive Leadership Team (Level 2)
People and Culture (Level 3)
Marketing and Communications (Level 3)
Information Support Services (Level 3)
Business Improvement (Level 3)
Contracts (Level 3)
Finance (Level 3)

  G Block g block

Pasifika Students' Room (Level 1)
Massage Therapy Clinic (Level 1)
Stress Management and Spa Therapies (Level 1)
Advanced Therapeutic Massage (Level 1)
Occupational Therapy (Level 2)
English Language Centre (Level 3)

 H Blockh block

The Hub (Level 1)
Capable NZ (Level 1)
Chaplain (Level 1)
Eden café (Level 1)
ISS Help Desk (Level 1)
Student Success (Level 1)
Nursing (Level 2)
Product Design (Level 3)
Architectural Studies (Level 3)
Digital Media and Design (Level 3)
Postgraduate Design (Level 3)

Arts and Design (Level 3)
Digital Media and Design (Level 3)
Fashion Design (Level 4)
Design Offices (Level 5)
Communication Design (Level 5)
Social Services (Level 6)
Midwifery (Level 6)

 I Blocki block

Polykids Childcare Centre

 L Block l block

Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences


AKO Café
Catering and Functions offices
Hospitality offices
Student Health (including Counselling)
Ozone Café
Technique Restaurant

 N Block n block

Veterinary Nursing and Animal Health
Dunedin School of Art (Sculpture and Printmaking)

 O Block o block

Dunedin School of Art (Painting) (Level 1)
Engineering Technology (Level 2)

  P Block | Dunedin School of Art p block

Dunedin School of Art offices and classrooms (Level 1)
Dunedin School of Art Gallery (Level 1)

  Robertson Library

Robertson Library

  S Block s block

OP Online
People and Culture
Campus Services

  University Plaza Building

(Forsyth Barr Stadium)
Unipol Recreation Centre and gym

  W Block w block

Poho (Māori staff and student space)

  Y Block y block

Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences

  Sargood Centre

Institute of Sport and Adventure offices, gym and classrooms

  Te Punaka Owheo and Poho

Māori Staff and Student Space

  Accommodation Village

Currently under construction

Navigate by department or school

H7 AKO Café (Manaaki, Level 1)
H8 Applied Business (D Block, Level 1)
Architecture, Building and Engineering
I8 Architecture, Building and Engineering (Y Block)
H8 Automotive (A Block)
I7 Art, Dunedin School of (P Block, Level 1)
H8 Campus Services (B Block)
H8 Capable NZ (H Block, Level 1)
H7 Catering and Functions (Manaaki)
H8 Design
Administration (H Block, Level 5)
Communication,Design (H Block, Level 5)
Arts and Design (H Block, Level 3)
Architectural Studies (H Block, Level 3)
Interior and Product Design (H Block, Level 3)
Digital Media and Design (Level 3)
Postgraduate Design (Level 3)
Fashion Design (H Block, Level 4)
H8 English Language Centre (G Block, Level 2)
H7 Hospitality Offices (Manaaki)
H8 Human Resources (Mason Centre, Level 3)
H8 Information Centre / Customer Services (Mason Centre, Level 1)
H8 Information Support Services (H Block, Level 1)
H8 Computing and IT (D Block, Level 3)
H8 WorkSpace (A Block)
H8 Leadership Team (Mason Centre, Level 2)
H8 Liaison and Recruitment (Mason Centre, Level 3)
H8 The Learning Centre (Mason Centre, Level 1)
H7 Manaaki (Student Centre)
AKO Café (Level 1)
Student Health (including Counselling) (Level 1)
Ozone Café (Level 1)
H8 Marketing and Communications (Mason Centre, Level 3)
H8 Midwifery (H Block, Level 6)
J7 Natural Sciences (L Block)
H8 Nursing (H Block, Level 2)
H8 Occupational Therapy (G Block, Level 2)
H8 OPSA (Students’ Association) (Mason Centre, Level 1)
H9 Polykids Childcare Centre (I Block)
H8 Te Punaka Owheo
I8 Robertson Library
H8 Social Services (H Block, Level 6)
H6 Sport and Adventure (Sargood Centre)
H7 Technique Restaurant (Manaaki)
I7 Veterinary Nursing (N Block)