Otago Polytechnic

Auckland International Campus Graduations

Frequently Asked Questions



  How to register for my graduation?

Step 1 – head to the Student Hub and log in

If you are eligible to graduate in either May 2019 or November 2019, at our Auckland graduations, head to the Student Hub and log in.

This is the view you will see:



Step 2 – click 'Register for your ceremony here'  

Once you have logged into the Student Hub, if you are eligible to graduate you will see the message in the blue tab as shown below. You need to click on the ‘Register for your ceremony here’ hyperlink.




Step 3 – fill in the registration form
This will take you through to the registration form.
This is the view you’ll see:



Within this registration form you will be asked to tell us:

  • whether you will be graduating in person or in absentia
  • about any special seating arrangements required for yourself or your guests
  • about your academic dress height and head size information
  • how many guest tickets you’d like to order.



  I think I’m eligible but the registration message doesn’t appear when I log in to the Student Hub?

Don’t panic. We try to ensure that everything is ticking along smoothly but sometimes we need to make a few tweaks. If you feel that you are eligible to graduate but a registration message isn’t appearing when you log into the Student Hub, please email studentsuccessaic@op.ac.nz

  I don’t know my results yet, should I register for graduation?

Yes, you should register even you haven't had your results yet. All graduation registrations are subject to your final results and the successful completion of your programme. If you are unsure if you are eligible to graduate please contact your Head of Department before you register.

  When does registration open?

The registration for the ceremony in April will be open in March and the ceremony in November will be open in October each year.

If students are unable to attend, they may defer to a later graduation or graduate in absentia.