Otago Polytechnic

Graduation day


Friday 13 March 2020


ALL graduands 

1.20 pm

Graduands assemble outside the Dental School for the OPSA Graduation Parade

1.40 pm

OPSA Graduation parade departs from the Dental School for the Dunedin Town Hall Glenroy Auditorium

2.00 pm

Graduands registration in the Dunedin Town Hall Glenroy Auditorium

2.00 pm

Dunedin Town Hall doors open to the public

2.30 pm

Guests to be seated in the Dunedin Town Hall

3.00 pm

Graduation Ceremony commences 

5.00 pm

Graduation Ceremony concludes



Presentation of Qualifications

Qualifications are presented by Schools/Colleges. Certificates will be presented first, followed by Diplomas, Degrees, Postgraduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters.

Graduands’ names are read alphabetically.

Conferring of Degrees

For those receiving Bachelor Degrees, please hold the trencher in your left hand when making your way onto the stage. The Chairperson will confer your Degree by holding a trencher over your head while shaking your hand. You may then place your trencher on your head, with the tassel over the left side. You will then walk over to the Chief Executive who will shake your hand and give you your degree. You can then leave the stage via the steps on the far side. The trencher should be worn for the remainder of the ceremony.

For those receiving Postgraduate or Masters Qualifications please wear your trencher for the whole ceremony, including before you cross the stage.

You will not necessarily return to the same seat after you have been across the stage, so it is best not to bring cameras, handbags, or other items into the Dunedin Town Hall. You may leave items at the security desk located in the Glenroy Auditorium and collected them following the ceremony.



Special Student Awards

The Special Student Awards will be presented by the Chief Executive following the academic presentations. Those students receiving Special Student Awards will be notified in writing prior to the Graduation Ceremony.