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Prove yourself to prospective employers – and stand out from the crowd!

Employers tell us they want graduates with well-developed transferable skills – skills that are useful across all jobs and industries.

Otago Polytechnic has identified the skills that employers want most and we've called these learner capabilities.


During your studies with us, we’ll help you to develop these capabilities – and prove that you have them – through a process called i am capable.

This process includes creating your own online 'Employability Profile' to provide to employers, with evidence of your capabilities endorsed by your tutors. Basically, a ready-made CV full of your skills that match what employers are looking for. 

And, it works the other way round too - employers can access i am capable and contact you directly if they feel that your capabilities match what they're looking for. 


Our learner capabilities include:

  • Communicates effectively in writing
  • Communicates effectively verbally
  • Communicates effectively visually
  • Displays effective interpersonal behaviour
  • Displays cultural competence
  • Displays bi-cultural proficiency in a New Zealand context
  • Works independently
  • Works in teams
  • Reflects on performance and applies personal learning
  • Acts responsibly
  • Practises health and safety
  • Demonstrates digital competence
  • Organises effectively
  • Demonstrates resilience
  • Thinks creatively
  • Displays leadership
  • Inspires others
  • Practises sustainably
  • Practises ethically
  • Thinks critically
  • Solves problems
  • Communicates bilingually
  • Displays work life balance
  • Performs community service.




How do I use i am capable?

That's easy!

i am capable is embedded in all Otago Polytechnic programmes so your tutor will talk to you about this when you start class. They'll guide you through the whole process and you'll be able to access it throughout your studies.  

We also have a full-time i am capable advisor who will be happy to chat to you about the process or your individual situation any time.  



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Amber Paterson

Operations Coordinator

Learning and Teaching Development
Employability Centre