Otago Polytechnic

Dr. Angela Benfield

Occupational Therapy

Angela lives in Wisconsin USA. She is an enthusiastic, bubbly person who loves to talk about occupational therapy and how to raise the standards of our profession.Angela completed her Phd in 2015. The topic was “Developing a measure of evidence-informed professional reasoning”. This is a quantitative approach to evidence based practice. She has run several workshops at occupational therapy conferences on this topic eg. The Canadian Occupational Therapy Association National Conference and the AOTA National Conference. She has been collaborating with the Otago Polytechnic study that aims to identify key markers of EBP and to integrate this into the curriculum.

Her visit is a wonderful opportunity to get engaged in discussions about how we identify and promote the outcomes of our practice. She is passionate about this!

"It’s great to see younger members of our profession developing new ideas and challenging us to find ways to make our mark in practice." - Associate Professor Linda Robertson



Sian Griffiths

Occupational Therapy

Sian has been an Occupational Therapist/Educator for several years and is passionate about the topic of clinical reasoning. One aspect that captured her inquisitive eye is the differences between Occupational Therapists' approach to initial interview. Her curiosity prompted her to do a PhD to test her theories. The findings suggest that there are ways in which the professional/self-identity of the therapist informs his/her reasoning and perception of  practice requirements.