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Otago Hockey Association Scholarships


Otago Polytechnic and Otago Hockey Association (OHA) have established this scholarship to support students with both sporting and academic aspirations.

Two scholarships will be offered at the discretion of the OHA for full payment of fees for a chosen programme of study at Otago Polytechnic.


  1. This scholarship is for a maximum of three years and can be for any Otago Polytechnic programme. 
  2. The scholarship awardee must meet the entry requirements for their chosen programme.
  3. These scholarships are performance-based. Recipients must pass 70% of their programme per year, and perform on the field. Failure with either of these means the scholarship does not continue.
  4. It is expected that the awardee would pay the tuition fee at the beginning of the academic year (student loan) and reimbursement would be at the end of the academic year (on condition they have met the 70% pass standard).  
  5. If the awardee is eligible for Fees Free, then the scholarship can be used for either:
    1. $4,000 towards accommodation costs for use in our Student Village (Te Pā Tauira) or
    2. $2,000 towards course-related costs.
  6. In addition, if the awardee is eligible for Fees Free but their programme of study is up to three years, then the awardee can use their scholarship towards accommodation or course-related costs during their first year (as outlined in condition 5) and then use the scholarship to cover their fees for year two and year three (in alignment with conditions 3 and 4).